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isolated thunderstorms using sts ♪ and even stop itself if it has to. ♪ the technology may be hard to imagine... but why you would want it is not. the 2014 e-class, see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. >> this is fox 5, news at 10:00. our top story at 10:00, a terrifying scene at a parade in virginia. dozens of people injured after a car drove into a marching group
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of hiewk rs. thanks for joining ug tonight. >> we'll get to that story in ay moment but first, we begin witht the news alert out of virginia. where a woman is behind barss accused of murder in the shooting death of her husband. as it turns out, he's the one o that always carried a weapon. the victim is a 25 year veteran of the metropolitan authoritytan police department.tmen fox 5 aus audrey barnes is inesi the news ram with the story. >> reporter: the louden county sheriff's office was called to the home on bronson drive after the:00 last night to investigati reports of shots fired. they founda 2-year-old corporalo steven sadling dead inside. his 42-year-old wife is now facing first degree murder charges. neighbors say there's been trouble at this home many times before.befo laurie coal who lives next doorr didn't want us to show her face. she says life on blossom drive wasn't so rosy ever since steve
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straddling moved in. >> maybe for the first four year, very happy and then he met his now wife. they were both work, at dulles airport. she was the shoe-shine >> reporter: police were calledl to the home several times to investigate domestic incidents. while straddling didn't just threaten his family, anyone who walked on his lawn was targeted. as she found out when one of her dogs stray td too close. clo >> one day i happened to take him outside and he said i was a dead woman. i went back towards hudz house, i thought he was getting a gun.. i called the louden county sheriff's >> becauseer he thought your dog would go into his house? >> yes. >> reporter: the sheriff's office was called again after reports of shots fired and found the corporal dead inside from gunshot wounds. his wife was taken into custody
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and charged with first degree murder. coal knows roseandelo tried to get away from her husband but couldn't. >> maybe a year ago, she had a temporary rerestaurantin restra. she was about go to court andrt very worried that the zwruch would grant or not grant another protective order. and she did return home. >> reporter: now, months later he's dead.ead his employer released this statement the metropolitanlita washington airport's authority is deeply sanded by the loss and airport's authority police officer more than 25 years. while she feels for straddling's children, coal says she's actually feeling relieved thatee he won't be coming back to the e >> i have to admit i felt relief
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now that he's no longer with us. >> she actually considered selling her house just to get away from steven straddling.trad neighbors are now carrying for the couple's two elementary school arched children.n. is it is not known if they witnessed shooting. audrey barnes, thank you. two southern virginia where dozens of people are injured after a freak crash at a parade. it happened about 2:30 near the tennessee state line. an elderly man drove his car into a crowd of hikers. we have the latest developments. >> we got a vehicle that went through a parade and hit hikers. >> reporter: an out of a control car slammed flaw that parade. each year this parade winds through the virginia mountain town of damascus dubbed trail town u.s.a. tens of thousands tourists
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participate. the man behind the wheel of this cadillac may have suffered a medical emergency, striking then crowd on a two-lane bridge. >> there's three yards on the bridge, three yards on the bridge and we have about one thousand people on this bridges at this time and multiple is critical. >> reporter: as emergency personnel radioed for help, you can hear an anxious crowd in the background. >> i need multiple units. >> reporter: this man found fo himself in the path of a misguided car. >> we heard screams behind us and he sort of pushed us out of the way from it. we all looked back and saw misery. , hikers on top and under thehe bottom of the car and it justust kept going wncht witnesses sayay the car went more than a one feet before coming to a stop. those within err shot were
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yelling at the driver to hit the brakes. it's unclear if the driver willl face any charges. in new york, molly ryans, fox news. now state police are investigating where a driver ran over a toddler injurying that child in walkers vul. kathleen heister struck the child at heritage farm park and police say she did stop after the accident. police believe the child who is in the hospital got out of a car and took off running. two fairfax county where a driver lost control of her carar and crashed into this office building on cedar lane. the driver has minor injuries and no one was in the officeice building at the time. now to the latest on a train collision in connecticut. two metro north commuter trains collided during rush hour yesterday and creating a puzzle for investigators. more than 70 people are hurt and at least people people are stile in critical condition.ondi officials are downloaded of course on the speed, breakingrek other data from the train. t
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they say some of injured went unconscious after the collision. >> the cars are torn away like ribbons of cloth, tons of metal tossed around like toy things. insides of the cars are shattered. >> the scene down there is enorm list violent and we may look back and count ourselves fortunate that there were notre more injuries. >> officials will remain inemai connecticut for up to a week and investigators plan to recreate the crash to figure out thehe cause. to texas where the national weather service confirmed another tornado touch-down-dow following a week of wild weather. community no injuries but it did take down at least one home. earlier this week a tornado killed six people and killed one in texas. it cause a cloudy and cooler day at home. we're in the weather center witr a look at our weather. hey, gwenn. >> we did have a little bit of
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right rain, drizzle and it's nos quite over. let's show you what's happening on the doppler radar whereadar you're not seeing a whole lot. t areas to the south, a different story. as we go to the weather map, we'll show you where all of the precipitation is and it will push its way towards our region. our highs today, a lot cooler than yesterday, so the upper 60ss, 67 at regan national, 67 at dulles and 67 at bwi. it's mild out there, temperatures into the 50s and low 090s everywhere. into the course of tonight, 60 degrees. light south easterly wind and expect light showers in the overnight hours with changes coming up for your workweek. back to you. thank you, gwenn. we're following a developing story, officials in washingtonai state are searching an apartment
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that could, could be tied to a ricin investigation. two letters were intercepted at the spoa can post office. ricin as you know the highly token substance that can be deadly if ingested.nges eafts are not questioning anyone. the latest on the boston marathon bombing investigation. today marks 30 days since bombing splts joe car was arrested. prosecutors are asking for more time now to findiz finalize cha. that's supposed to happen within a 30 day period, currentlily usy charged with using weapons ofeao mass destruction and could face the death penalty. one may become an instant millionaire. millions are purchased ticks for their chance of the over 600 million jackpot. fox 5 lauren demr a rco is live.
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>> reporter: of course, i've got my ticket right here. but we are live at the ice and beverage along river road in bethesda and people have about in and out all day hoping for a chance at the largest powerball job das pot in history. take a look. >> can i get a 10 powerball. >> reporter: it's played in 43 states in the district of columbia and the lotto machines are buzzing tonight. >> every time it gets over some huge amount, i buy 20. >> reporter: a 600 million-dollar jackpot draws a crowd. the one big question, how many tickets should you get? >> it's like what do you do? do you buy one? there's one winning ticket, maybe. so this way i have a chance att ten. >> reporter: then the decision, quick pick or choose then numbs yourself. >> the numbers? >> yes. i can't describe what kind of
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dream it was, but it was a dream. [laughter][lau >> if you pick a set of numbers, you have to play them because what if they come in.n. >> reporter: the cash option iss estimated at more than $376 million and it could grow even more before the winning numbers are called. it's tough to imagine, but what would you do with all of that cash? >> move to hawaii. >> probably sneak a dog in thehe house where my parents don't notice or get something for my whole family. >> i have so many plans, you know. buy a house for the winter in aa warm place. >> reporter: the odds of hitting jackpot, 1 in 175 million.. >> i'm feeling lucky pup. >> reporter: well the registers close at so p.m., less than an
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hour until the numbers are revealed. we'll have those at the top of 11:00. so be sure to stay tuned to us for that. and if nobody wins, then the jackpot only grows and it could become the largest jackpot in history. that's currently title is held by mega millions up to $66 million so we'll see if it grows but i'm hoping for a win and you're hoping for a win. we have our work pool going on. >> i have my money countsount already. people go home, we've won it. [laughter] >> we'll see you at 11:00 with our winning numbers, right? >> you have to get in on thatt pool. >> i didn't get in on it. do you remember that company that shared? >> i'm sad for you. >> wow!ow! >> no, no, we'll include you. you're part of the family.ily. have to include family. >> thank you, maureen. coming up, looking to dc's
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mayor election. in in virginia, another familiar face gets ann amount tt leave a gop ticket for governorv the irs misconduct scandal, those stories are next at thee news at 10:00.
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♪ [ male announcer ] this is a reason to look twice. this is a stunning work of technology. the 2013 lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. tomorrowmy wells made it official, the council member m from ward 6 gathered if front of supporters in northeast to announce he will run for mayor. he joins mayor yo bawser. restoring ethics is one of the top priorities. he is rae fusing to take corporate campaign >> residents are concerned about the future of washington because we have a crisis of endics thrs the wilson building. people are concerned people aree working for corporations and nod for us. >> current mayor vincent gray
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has yet to make it official on whether he will rerun for election. today in virginia, the republican party formerly announced nominated that is state stoarn general to run for governor. he promised the gop del del gails a friendly constitution john henrehan has that story. >> reporter: state republican leaders chose a convention rather than a primary to pick nominees for state wide office. that process attracts the morehe conservative members of the party. >> i think we're at a time where conservatives are good. we're in liberal times, so i think we could use a little conservative in our life. >> reporter: virginia's famousus conservative was the only republican that filed the paperwork and nom nailed for governor by akcally makes and guest speaker louisiana governor took several swipes at the
10:18 pm
democratic position. >> he claimed obama care didn't go far enough. eno >> reporter: the candidates' wife mentioned ken coochinelli's long time beliefs. >> this is someone to respect rs and value human life at everyvey stage. >> reporter: the nominee promised the reeb delegates he will defend the u.s. constitution. >> i was the first attorneyttor general to challenge the federal healthcare law right hire in rich nopped. >> reporter: ken also promised to maintain virginia's conservative business climate. >> do we want a governor who undermines our right to work laws or a governor who stands up for freedom against union bosses? >> reporter: because there are only two gubernatorial elections
10:19 pm
this november, virginia and new jersey, expect buckets of national money to flow into the candidate's cawfers, particularly in virginia because here the race is likely to be quite competitive. c count on lots ofas from democrats. in rich richmond, john henrehan. it comes 35 years after his father won the party's senate nomination. the latest on the irs scandal now.anda there is growing concern after it was revealed the woman in charge the tax exempt division inside the irs of thes of conservative dwriewp groups is f the people in charge of implementing obama care. c >> reporter: democrats say there is not any evidence that sarah hall ingram new conservativeew groups were targeted by the irs.
10:20 pm
the republican say she was the head of the whole tax exemptmpt division of the tax agency and are sounding the alarm that now shoes heading you the irsrs division of heading up obama care. >> the irs will be entrusted with healthcare records, health history, family history and noww given she went -- lurlly she ran that division while this whole fiasco was going on and now she'll run the obama care, it's carry. >> reporter: the democrats say engram's successor, joseph grant, didn't find out about the targeting until six months after engram was reassigned. rea and they say it's unfair to suggest she had anything to do with the targeting? t you're satisfied with ms. ingram being in charge how. >> i don't know personally, butl i heard she has a high degree of professionalism and she was not in a position of responsibility of these actions. >> reporter: the outgoing irsng commissioner steven miller,ille pushed out because of the
10:21 pm
scandal, called ingram a quote, superb civil servant and tum griffin says she provide the quote, horrendous customer service implementing obama care as she did managing the tax exempt division.ion in washington molly henburg. still ahead, a disturbingisu story out of arizona, a mother tries giving her baby away too complete strangers at a gas station. they're speaking out. o how much do you trust orteenagee son or daughter? dau there's new technology out track tg your child's every tech, e-mail and picture. that doesn't go too far. we'll be right back. did we get it?
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got it. yes! ♪ how do i make it stronger? [ male announcer ] when you've got fios quantum, you get america's fastest, most reliable internet. hey, so where's the big project? ...huh. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. [ male announcer ] technology that makes you feel superhuman... where do i sign in? [ male announcer ] that's powerful. switch to fios and we'll triple your speeds for free with an upgrade to fios quantum. marvel's iron man 3, now in theaters.
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>> an arizona mother is unders u arrest after attempting to give her baby awe way.. the woman allegedly went around asking stranger if they wanted a free child. now the child's father is speaking out. >> reporter: this video shows 3s
10:25 pm
row zhan na luna and her daughter in a baby carier. by the time police arrived she offered up her baby to four complete strangers. >> i couldn't believe it, you know. it's bad. i don't understand.nder this lady has gone raise. >> reporter: this is the baby's father. >> my daughter, her daughter, that girl i raised. r i raise the four kids from herer and then she called me and said you know what, mom is acting weird. >> reporter: at u-17, the suspect also called police fromf a pay phone. because she had an outdoor standing warrant she sniew whenw police arrived they would take the baby off her hands. >> did she say i don't want this baby? >> no, no, she didn't say nothing luke that. that's what i'm saying, it's weird because it's insane. i don't understand. >> reporter: luna says his
10:26 pm
ex-wife left their home a few day u.s. before this incident. >> she said i'm going to move, ok, just take care of the baby, you know, whatever you need i'm here for her, whatever, you know. thin she just left rmpt according to the paperwork she was upset about an argument she got into with her ex. he says there was never any fight and would have gladly g taken the baby. >> no matter what it takes, i will try harder, whatever it takes, period. i will try to get my baby back. >> fox's andrew had been reporting, the baby girl is witi child protecti services. ser the mother admitted she smoked s meth a few days before and had been drunking the day she tried to give the child up.. she's been booked on charges of child abuse. it's technology that'sechn gotten a bad wrap recently. 3-d printers, coming up, we'll show you why there is much nor more to the device and how it
10:27 pm
works and how it's revolutionizing the medical field. we'll be right back. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley.
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nature at its most delicious.
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and republicans.
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>> 3hd prints is one of the mose exciting info vagues we have seen recently. it's basically a whole new ways to make physical objections. o you can build things today thaty were literally impossible yesterday. take a look. intricate and ornate, personalized just for you, from plastic to nylon, metal to ser ram uk, imagine the possibilities of 3d printing. expwriewlry, home goods, tools, clothing, food, even body parts. >> every discipline, everyvery industry is being affected inffc some way by this.s. >> reporter: todd libson theibso
10:31 pm
direction at cornell and also fa brinfabricated says this is a wy to make 3d products from a model. this adds on later by later, and help says this opens up ourur worpd to brand new kinds of products. >> this is a powerful thing and it can't be ignored.ed. things won't be the same. >> reporter: why?r: w because with this technology, the t power of creation is now n your hands. you imagine it.t. you can create it. 3d printing isn't new. the first prudenter was unveiled three decades ago. some of the products we usese today are 3d, medical tools, dental yiment. it's primarily been usedded to create prototypes that are masss manufactured but the technologyn is improving.mpro the materials and stronger and the cost is plummeting, making 3d printing accessible to all consumers. so much so president obamabama
10:32 pm
mentioned it in his last state of the union address.ddre >> new workers are master the 3d printing that has the potential to revolution iez hoize everyth. >> i understand how we thinke about products. >> reporter: peter winemar is the founder of shapeway, the 3d printing facility that allow the consumer it make anything they want and sell their designs to d the shapeways marketplace. >> all kinds of things that are meaningful to you you can design on your computer if you get everybody access to manufacture position. all of a sudden they start making products they care aboutt >> reporter: you send your design to shapeways and theyhape make it into a physical objection for not a lot of money, the epitome of customization. it's called the maker movement designer jeff bear of hairerstown is part of that movement. >> when i get that design, it's opportunity hear that i can com up with whatever i want to. i can put it inarha the marketpe for people to
10:33 pm
>> reporter: a product designer by trade, also makes it his hobby, designing damages, fascinating shapes.hape his so-called future made of nylon, the honey ring and various materials and here is his ipad wrap. >> you won't get this in any story. >> reporter: they contemplates buying his own 3d printer andnd these days are consumers arers doing just that. t they estimate about 20,000bout americans have them at home. if you want one? price stars around a thousand bucks. they're more limited thanited industrial printers but the immediacy is enticing. rock vawl school for tomorrow io one of the only schools in the areas with a 3d printer.d p it's brand new so their primary goal is creative learning. >> a lot of students just enjoy falling around with the 3d they make abstract things. >> it's neat to watch the process. it brings a lot of satisfation o
10:34 pm
just to look at something you've designed rather than havehan somebody else make it for you. >> it has a ways to go, thee speed of it, the user-friendliness of it. i >> reporter: but it's on its way and the potential is limitless. >> most people don't appreciate how it will affect their own life. >> reporter: 3d printing mightit be your answer. >> reporter: this creates a unique buy crow printing technology. >> reporter: this recently awe founded it accepts human liverr tissue, using 3d printing technology. >> it opens the door too replacement pars. >> reporter: in march, for thenm first time, scientists printed with stem cells, like kidneys kd and skin. as for food, it may be chak lotl and pastries today but scientists say it's a matter ofe time before we winter fridayday
10:35 pm
combinations of molecules to t produce highly nutrition foods. >> we won't be able toe understand how we ever liver without it wncht with almost daily break-throughs, laws andnd ethics will have to catch up buu when you start to see what 3d printing canning do, you begin to region the objects we seee around us. >> it can create anything youou need. you get it for a reasonable price. the empowerment is so strong that you say, what else can i do? >> you do need certain software to create the digital design and the technology is developing asn you heard but we are not far off from the dayar that most people will own 3d printers at home. staples has started selling the machines. we are not far away from the day when something breaks aroundrou house, you just print a new one. next, when we return, it's spring in baltimore, the running of the preakness. pre
10:36 pm
>> a little business of drizzle, but take to a look to the south. we're bracing for the wet weather but what does it mean for the workweek? i'll have the details coming up later. we'll be back after the break. stay with us.
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>> so did you watch the raws today? >> i did. funny because i'm not really a huge horse racing guy but any time the derby is on,n, you watch, right? it might be two and a half mindf but you watch. wat you guess like everybody else we were hoping that ore might get that second one today and move on and see some history. the horse racing fans he would get one step close tore the triple crown. the kentucky derby winner was 3-5 betting favor at post timeie today but as often the case were
10:40 pm
a long shot would pay dividends. there is ore who is trying to become the 13th authors to win n that crown. but sadly today, it wasn't his s day. >> it's my lucky day. >> i love the calls, too, by the way. wire to wire, to win the preakness as a is a-100. orb finished fourth in the ninen horse race.rse big day in baltimore, the orioles hosting the rays,s that's adam jones, bottom of oft the first with a man on, man
10:41 pm
off, and the os are up 4-0. you think this is over, right? wrong. they enter the ninth with a 6-4 league and based are loaded. two runs will score and the os give up six runs in the ninth nn and it's 10-6. the ochts won 106 consecutive games and have given up 30 runs in the last three games, not good. later on it's sports extra and we'll check in on the nba and playoffs as well. sadly our catch line but the playoffs roll on. coming up, the late of the technology out there is cracking the line, tracking your kids every move and key stroke. that story, plus your full forecast when the news at 10:00 returns. did we get it?
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got it. yes! ♪ how do i make it stronger? [ male announcer ] when you've got fios quantum, you get america's fastest, most reliable internet. hey, so where's the big project? ...huh. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. [ male announcer ] technology that makes you feel superhuman... where do i sign in? [ male announcer ] that's powerful. switch to fios and we'll triple your speeds for free with an upgrade to fios quantum. marvel's iron man 3, now in theaters.
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>> the chris' national disasters prevention center is monitoring the volcano after gas a week ago.ago 50,000 residents from nearbyrby villages are preparing for a possible evacuation and some have been given fashion faws fae mask and informed of the pronunciation route. >> nice pronunciation.ronu not so great in the bl weatheret department. >> we need the rain. >> it's been a lot cooler. we dipped a little bit but right now light drizzle and some ofome you are not seeing anything at all and other places are lull bit of light rainfall.
10:46 pm
so things will change as we look ahead in the forecast. so just want you to definitely be prepared for that. but we fead the rain. rai so some fog and showers headings your way into area. so be prepare ford that. a very unsellinged weak ahead as well when you see any seven-days forecast. a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast and those temperaturest we have more 80-degree days that will return. so we just had a little briefrie break from the warmer weather. but here is a look at the loo satellite radar cop positiv lisr composite. you can see clouds that will push its way up towards us. we'll see changes as we head into tonight as well as tomorrow. let's look at the accuweathere live radar. nothing happening here. some of you are seeing light drizzle but i anticipate some of this filling in a little bit. take a look at the franl system to that the front systemto the . that will move towards us and that is a big player as we head
10:47 pm
through the next 24 to 48 hours. back to the weather map. the clouds increasing, light drizzle, we'll see more wide-spread recall into theecal course of tonight. highs today, 67 at ray dpan national, 68 in dulles, 67 at bwi. we should be into the 70s, the mud 70s or so so quite a bit of a dip with the clouds out there in terms of what our highs were. it's currently 61 at dc, 62 at quantico, 59 at frederick. 60 in martinburg and 63 in culpepper. when we take a look at nationall temperatures, you can see theur heat ises on, definitely for the south but also they're dealing with a major system in through here and this hot weather isn't helping at all because once against through parts of the northern plains down to the southern plains, they're dealing with chances of severe weather and more tornadoes in the in forecast for the next 24 to 48 hours. we'll be packed but this warmer
10:48 pm
air as we head into the week. so here is a look at where we have the big storm ushes in thee mid section of the country. c that will push its way towardss the east.t. as we move into the course of the week, we'll see the systems starting to push our way. this is what we're dealing withw now, the stationery front systet that will move to the north into the course of tomorrow. fog and showers in the forecast for overnight tonight.h same story for tomorrow and it will pretty much of a wet sunday. the showers will continue too increase and become a lot more r wide-spread as the day does wear on. do be prepared for that. a lot of on shore flow going on. you see into the course of tomorrow, we'll see thishis starting to fill in a little bit more. when we get into monday, a lotya of rainfall but also a chance oe some thunderstorms in our forecast for your monday. here is look at the day planner, 68 by midday, 70 by the midday
10:49 pm
hour. can't rule out the showers. the winds will pick up into the course of the late evening hours but overall the winds are light. 60 for tonight with showers in i the overnight hours. tomorrow, we'll be up to 70 degrees, not bad and showers, fog, mild and breeds gee and your accuweather seven-day forecastuw, take a look. not giving you too much in terms of drier weather. w we'll see a chance thunderstorms on several the days but temperatures are rising into the upper 80s by the time we hit tht middle of week. wouldn't be surprised if we see a 90-degree day but tomorrow mainly cloudy skies and fog and could see thunderstorms south of dc but i don't anticipate more to the north of the i-90 corridor at all. >> thanks, gwenn. >> some parents used to be able to snoop in their children's chi room but now there's new the technology to track your child's every step but does spy ware
10:50 pm
cross the privacy line? >> reporter: facebook, twitter, instagram, social media is a bff to most teens. it means freedom from the eyes of parents. or does it? >> my own phone, i was so happy, yes, nobody can stop me. i can do whatever i want but fot her to say i'm tracking your tra phone and watching all your moves and everything you send. >> reporter: 16-year-old ashtone mitchell got the shock of his life, busted by his own mother. he quickly figured out that the free in freedom comes with consequences. >> did i do something wrong? am i in trouble? are you doing this to punish me? >> when i started getting alerts on my phone about cursing, it, just really let me have a conversation with my son. i also found out my son was
10:51 pm
participating in illegal marijuana usage with his friends. that was alarming. >> reporter: katie thomas starsk tracking her son twoat cairs ago and her older son when he was a teen through a surveillance system called a bean stalk, a parental intelligence system which notifies a parent if theii teen is engaging in risky behavior. >> i might have a kid, i meeting getting in trouble with the law. >> reporter: thomas says the software is designed to track e-mails, text messages, contacts, pictures, alerting a parent if their child or any direct contact is using phrases associated with drugs, alcohol, gups, bullying, gangs or any other illegal activity. a now for most teens, this would be nothing more than an invasion into their privacy. >> what was your reaction when she confronted you? >> wide eyes, just like this.s.
10:52 pm
i felt like she didn't trust me at all with what i was doing, but ba what i was doing wasn't trust worthy. >> there's no privacy issue monitoring their child's activities. it's implied consent. >> reporter: joe everyis son more and more parents are par relying on this type of software, not to track a child's every move, but to encourage their children to make better choices when it comes to what they say, do or certain pictures they may post. >> even though you deleted it, it's still there. sti it's in the hard drive of that phone and can be obtained and accessed. and it can be posted without wit your permission or knowledge. o >> they live in your house, you pay the bills, you provide them with these smart phones and and technology, you have aave
10:53 pm
responsibility to protect them and nurture them and guide themt to be health qule health yeah az choices. >> reporter: for some this would be coozing the line but thomas says this is a tool to engage in considerations with her childrei about the consequences of their actions. >> it makes me make smarter decisions because being a teenager, being around your friends, the smallest mistake can be the worst the miss tables omistake ofyour life. >> there are a number of sitesbr for parents many are free andnd others require a small annual fee. a texas teenager is provingi you don't need sight to reach your goals. all she needs is her two feet. coming up at 11:00, powerball fever is hitting the nation. we're minutes away from finding out the winning numbing to tobility's jackpot. that's straight ahead. 
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>> a it texas teen is bucking adversity, the is a-year-old isi one of the state's best pole vaulters. >> she is legally plained. fox's john high has the story. >> reporter: is a-year-old emery rain high charlotte brown is legally blind. >> it looks like a blur of white because i can't distinguish you shapes or colors or anything like that. i don't have any depth perception. >> reporter: that heapt stoppeda her fromt becoming one of the state es best pole vaulters. she finished 8th after coming im as one of the top qualifiers. >> my best is 11.6 and i didn't make it today but i think about it, and i'm still happy becausey there's a couple hundred kids that didn't get the experience
10:58 pm
so it's a priviledge to be here and i'm among the top nine in the state. >> she's an amazing girl. that's why she's down here. she's an inspiration. >> reporter: brown was born with normal division and developed cat racks at 16 weeks old. she had several surgeries.s. >> i had artificial lenses put in when i was in second grade.rd that act as permanent contact lenses and it would get better b or worse and they were not sure why. i'm a mystery. in sus ofgrade it got bad. b whatever happens we're god withh it. so i still have fun. it's not stopping me from doing anything. >> what summarizes what you go through, how you do it because i you have to wonder, how do you do it? >> i couldn't my step ps and my coach counts as well. it's sen steps, seven left feett for me. i count that way. i have that carpet and it's a popular of white on this side andlack on this sidee
10:59 pm
when i count, that keepst everything straight and we rock and roll. >> you won't believe this, miami heat basketball star dwayne wade made one teenager's senior prom quait a night to remember. last month the teen asked wade if he would be her date. wade never responded but he didd show up on prom night with flowers in hand to surprise thet young girl. the heat guard danced with his date, took pictures and he met her family. fa what a good guy. >> that is nice. >> weigh, therthe news edge 11:0 right now. someone may be coming an instance millionaire as powerball fever sweeps thes t nation. >> millions of tickets for a chance of over the 600 million-dollar jackpot.kpo lauren demarco is live

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